The Allo Guide is an old staff guide found in the series by Joey. It contains information about all the animatronics at the fair, including other animatronics at another location which the children have never heard of (with the exception of Pirate Hook, who's pages seem to be ripped out).


As far as the children know, The Allo Guide is like a journal, keeping record of all incidents in the fair, times of rides operating, creations of animatronics with their back story along with others not seen in The Forgotten. The events stopped being recorded after the child murder incident since the fair had closed down. It also has two maps of another location which don't relate to the fair in any way but are mentioned in the guide various times.


  • The Allo Guide was originally planned to be written for 1997 but this was changed when the timeline changed.
    • The two other maps are the before and after of a different fair ran by the Announcer, both which succeed but had to be closed down after two minor incidents.
  • The Allo Guide was originally a journal used by Joey to record every event in the fair, but this was changed later on.