Being shut down for nearly a century, Glowy the Jack-in-the-box has been awakened once more to cause terror the way he used to 100 years ago.

Basic Info

Species: Jack-in-the-box

Gender: Male

Color: White face with red marking around its eye sockets and fire style hair

Occupation: (100 years ago) Guitar player (Currently) Scaring people

Appearance: Glowy is a white face clone with the devil's chin. His eyeliner, fiery red in color, matches his typical clown nose. is long spiky hair curls upwards like flames, changing from dark red to sun yellow, constantly changing the hue in the color scale. His floating magician gloves hover in front of him 'attached' to his accordion body. He has no arms but does have flying gloves. The box he resides in is full of stars and the logo of the restaurant.


Glowy was once just a jack-in-the-box. The owners of the original restaurants got a request saying the kids wanted to have a clown animatronic. Being low on a budget they did what they could. They made a scale model of a jack-in-the-box and colored its face. Overnight, however, something happened. Nobody knows how or who changed Glowy face to a demonic one. After reviewing the tapes not a single thing was found. Glowy was later put on display and the kids loved it. Some said that they couldn't have done a better job and they liked his face


Shortly after being created, Glowy started moving around during the night. Sometimes it was found with Mr. Longlegs the Emoji Man and it was seen sometimes "staring into cameras slowly playing 'Pop Goes the Weasel'" (a report from the first owners). Later on the animatronic went missing after its animatronics brothers.


Glowy was once found holding a little book with 1997 written on the front. It is unknown where this book came from but it contained pages of the animatronics, ones that didn't exist.

On full moon nights, people would tend to see silhouettes of Glowy near a garbage can laying down broken with his right eye flickering red

The creepiest encounters were sometimes with people. One woman said, "I remember going to the kitchen one night and seeing this clown looking at me. He was playing Pop Goes the Weasel and I yelled for my husband. I remember him running downstairs with his shotgun and seeing the clown. The clown spoke to him and said, 'Beware of Death' in a raspy voice. It turned around and disappeared into thin air. Later the same day my cat died."